How to clean the Catchbox Cover and other product parts

This article will guide you through the process of cleaning and taking care of your Catchbox and all the product parts. 

It is important to first clean the Catchbox and only then proceed with the disinfection.

 You’ll find more details on the best practices of disinfecting your Catchbox cover and other parts in this article.

  • Cleaning the Catchbox Cover
    • Cleaning the Foam Cap
    • Cleaning the microphone capsule
    • Cleaning other Catchbox accessories 

    Cleaning the Catchbox Cover

    The outer shell of the Catchbox Cover is made of fabric specially treated with a water-repellent coating. We recommend following these cleaning tips before using disinfecting sprays on your Catchbox Cover:

    • Use wet wipes or a wet cloth submerged with soft washing liquid or soap to clean any dirty spots on your Catchbox Cover. Avoid harsh brushing to reduce the impact on the water-repellent coating.
    • Do not machine wash or dry-clean the Cover! The cover has a magnet at the bottom of the microphone capsule cavity - machine washing will damage it irreversibly.
    • Do not submerge the Cover fully in water or other cleaning solutions! This can damage not only the magnet inside but also the construction of the cover.

    If necessary, you can also order a new cover in our online store!

    Cleaning the Foam Cap

    A foam cap is the soft round foam piece that goes on top of your Catchbox Audience mic. Foam caps can be washed in a washing machine with gentle laundry detergent or hand washed with liquid soap. 

    Make sure to air-dry the foam cap completely before attaching it back to your Catchbox microphone capsule!

    Cleaning the microphone capsule

    Since the Catchbox microphone transmitters are stored in the Cover, they aren’t so susceptible to dirt accumulation. However, when needed, use wet wipes to gently clean the outer shell of the Catchbox microphone capsule. 

    Avoid cleaning the microphone element and any electrical contacts! Do not apply any cleaning solutions to it. The foam cap protects the microphone from dirt accumulation. Instead, proceed with cleaning the foam cap as described above.

    Cleaning other Catchbox accessories

    Use gentle wet wipes (for cleaning electronics) to clean other Catchbox accessories like receivers, Wireless chargers, cables, and Presenter Mic. After cleaning, pat the product parts dry with a paper towel. Do not use alcohol-based cleaning solutions!