How to disinfect your Catchbox cover and other product parts

This article will guide you through the process of disinfecting your Catchbox Cover and other product parts.

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that even with the guidelines described below, Catchbox can not guarantee 100% protection against viruses and bacteria. For more information on Covid-19 and best general hygiene practices, we recommend consulting with your local disease control and prevention experts and national instances. Always wash and disinfect your hands before using Catchbox.

Starting from September 2021 Catchbox cover and foam cap are treated with Polygiene ViralOff treatment that gives the textile a self-cleaning effect, in regards to micro-organisms (see picture below).  It is a durable and always-on treatment. Polygiene ViralOff reduces over 99% of selected viruses within 2 hours.  For more information on Polygiene ViralOff treated article, visit:

Disinfection - best practices

The ViralOff treatment uses an active ingredient and thus is constantly working to disinfect your Catchbox cover and foam cap. The treatment eradicates 99% of all viruses within 2 hours, including SARS-Cov-2  (COVID-19). This means you can simply leave your Catchbox to stand/charge whilst it self-disinfects.

Here are some additional best practices to help with rapid disinfection and cover maintenance.

  • Disinfect your Catchbox Cover with any common alcohol-containing disinfection solution (preferably a spray solution) if you want to have immediate disinfection. Please know that disinfection can reduce the effectiveness of the water-repellent coating.
  • If necessary, the water-repellent coating can be reapplied with a water-repellent coating solution such as those commonly used for outdoor equipment.
  • Follow general personal hygiene & safety practices and wear individual safety masks in general and when using Catchbox.

Disinfection - what to avoid

Here are some don'ts of Catchbox product disinfection:

  • Do not submerge the Catchbox cover fully in water or other cleaning/disinfection solutions! This can damage the magnet element and the construction of the Cover.
  • Do not brush the cover with hard brushes - use only gentle motions when cleaning or disinfecting the Cover.
  • Do not clean or disinfect the microphone element! Do not apply any cleaning or disinfecting solutions to it. The foam cap protects the microphone element from dirt accumulation. Proceed with cleaning the foam cap as described above.
  • Do not apply alcohol-based disinfection solutions to Catchbox product parts like receivers, Wireless chargers, and Presenter Mics. This can result in damages to the outer shell.