How is the Cube mic different from regular mics?


Here’s how the Cube stands out compared to regular microphones:

  • The Cube is designed to be throwable, adding a fun, dynamic element to events. Audience members can easily throw and catch the Cube, making participation effortless and enjoyable. 
  • The playful nature of throwing the mic makes it a crowd favorite, breaking down barriers and encouraging even the shyest participants to join in. This results in a more inclusive and lively discussion, keeps the conversation flowing and ensures that more voices are heard in a shorter amount of time.
  • Despite its playful design, the Cube does not compromise on audio quality. It features advanced sound technology to ensure clear and crisp audio, making sure every word is heard loud and clear.

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Audience members in a spacious, well-lit room engage with a speaker, who has his hands raised in the foreground. A Catchbox Cube mic is being thrown in the air, with a person in the background reaching up to catch it. The setting features tall arched windows and modern hanging lamps, creating a dynamic and interactive atmosphere.