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How does Catchbox Plus Pro work with Q-SYS?

Catchbox Plus Pro integrates into the Q-SYS environment, giving clients enhanced control and monitoring capabilities. With this plugin, you can easily manage Catchbox microphones, monitor battery levels, and check charging statuses at day's end. This feature guarantees that microphones are always ready for the next day, eliminating the need for manual checks on each microphone. 

Unlike the receiver for the regular Catchbox Plus, the Plus Pro system includes a Hub receiver with the networking module featuring Dante connectivity.

Note that the Catchbox plugin in Q-SYS is available exclusively for the Plus Pro system.

Monitoring Features
Control Features
System Settings
Getting Started
About Q-SYS


Monitoring  Features:

  • Battery level
  • Charging and connection status
  • Input and output audio activity
  • RSSI level
  • Pairing status

Control Features:

  • Input and output gain level
  • mute/unmute the microphones
  • Hub reset
  • Hub stealth mode status

System Settings:

  • Firmware version
  • Radio frequency power
  • Microphone serial number
  • View and change channel name


To install the Catchbox Plus Pro plugin, navigate to the Asset Manager in Q-SYS, browse available certified plugins, and install it.

Getting Started

Once installed, you can easily access and use the plugin within the Q-SYS environment. Manage Catchbox microphones, optimize audio setups for various use cases, and remotely monitor and control the charging process and battery levels.

About Q-SYS

Q-SYS is an advanced audio and video system integration and control platform designed for various spaces, from huddle rooms to lecture theaters. It empowers users to create and integrate diverse audiovisual and control solutions. Q-SYS simplifies the design process by offering a platform where users can drag and drop components to connect them.