How can I customize my Catchbox?

You can customize your Cube cover and/or Clip jacket with:

  1. Custom color - choose any color for your cover
  2. Custom logo - place your own image on any or all sides of the Cube.

Selecting custom color OR custom graphics will add 50 EUR / USD on top of the standard pricing per device to be customized. 

50 EUR / USD per device

Here are five helpful tips to keep in mind when customizing your Catchbox:

  • We recommend placing your own logo images on all or two opposite sides (for example, sides 2 & 4) for the best look.
  • We recommend avoiding overly detailed logos for clip customization – bigger logos will look much better.
  • To remove the Catchbox logo from your cover, select Custom Graphics in the Customization tool and remove the Catchbox logo from the sides.
  •  If you’d like to add both your logo and the Catchbox logo on your Cube cover design, please contact us at and we’ll send you the Catchbox logo files. 
  • To maximize brand awareness and create fantastic photo opportunities, we suggest customizing both the color and logo to match that of your organization.