Will other devices using DECT affect the audio signal?


Catchbox Plus system uses industry-standard DECT technology, which is license-free and ensures an uninterrupted digital signal. This makes it ideal for various use cases and audio needs, from video conferencing to large audiences of up to 1000 people, such as in conferences and lecture halls.

Using Catchbox Plus in an environment with many other devices operating on the DECT frequency band, may cause audio signal stability issues. This is because DECT, like any other radio frequency, has limitations on how many waves can exist simultaneously without causing interference. 

If you're concerned about potential audio signal issues in your setup and environment, it's best to contact our Customer Support team via live chat or at info@catchbox.com. When reaching out, please provide details on:

  • Your Catchbox Plus setup
  • The other DECT devices in the space
  • The layout of the space

Our team can help assess your situation and provide recommendations to ensure the best possible performance of your Catchbox Plus system. 

The likelihood of signal issues depends on the space layout and distribution of DECT devices. Ideal conditions offer up to 100 meters (330 feet) of range, but obstacles like concrete walls or equipment placement can reduce this. 

In terms of limitations, the number of DECT devices that can operate simultaneously without interference differs by region. In the US, it is up to 6 Plus system microphones while in the EU, it is up to 10 microphones.