Why isn't my Cube mic charging?


The Cube audience mic comes with a charging base, designed to keep the mic ready and charged at all times. When the mic is not in use, simply place the Cube (with its soft cover on) onto the charging base. This ensures that your mic is always fully charged and ready for your next session or event. 

Here are 2 of the most common issues that can arise with the Cube mic's charging base, along with easy ways to troubleshoot and fix them:

  1. The status LEDs on the charging base don't light up 

  • Check the power connection. Ensure the charging base is powered. If the power cable is not connected, plug it in.
  • Charge the Cube mic with a cable. If the Cube mic's battery is critically low, you may need to charge it using a USB-C cable first. Remove the Cube capsule from the soft cover by twisting and pulling it out. Connect the USB-C cable to the capsule and let it charge for at least one to two hours. Once charged, place the capsule back into the soft cover and put the Cube mic on the charging base. Check if the LED lights behave normally.

  2. All status LEDs are blinking

  • Check for foreign objects. There might be a foreign object between the Cube mic and the charging base. Check the area and remove any objects that don't belong there. 
  • Ensure proper placement. The Cube might be placed on the charging base without the soft cover. Place the capsule back in the cover and then place the Cube on the charging base. 
  • Monitor temperature. The Cube may be overheating. Remove the capsule from the soft cover and let it cool down. Ensure the room temperature is below 30°C / 86°F. 
  • Check the power adapter. The power adapter might not be providing enough power. Make sure you are using the included USB-C cable. If needed, you can order a new one from our online store.

If there are still issues with the charging base, please fill out the Report a Problem form. We’ll help you with the issue and get to a solution as soon as possible!