What should I do if I have a problem with my Plus system?


Catchbox products have a 2-year limited warranty, applied and in effect when the product is delivered to you.

Please note that the warranty rules don’t apply if any product repairs performed independently are discovered during the troubleshooting or in-house inspection.

See the full Catchbox Warranty statement to know more about what it covers and its limitations.

If you experience any trouble with your Catchbox products:

  • Browse our Troubleshooting articles and Knowledge base in general - the solution can often be found there;
  • If not, report the problem or talk to our Customer Support team on the live chat, or contact us at info@catchbox.com.  We're always happy to help with any questions!

If the product issue requires further inspection or repair by our Production team, Customer Support may initiate a return merchandise authorization (RMA) process and arrange the return of the product to us for inspection. In such cases, please follow the instructions provided by our Support team and send us your product. Repairs covered under warranty are provided free of charge. 

Once we receive your product, our team will inspect the reported issue, typically within 5 business days. The Support team will then provide you with updates on the resolution process and inform you of when the repaired or replaced product will be shipped. 

Please note that the expected turnaround time is subject to the availability of products and replacement parts.