What is the difference between Catchbox Plus and Mod?

Catchbox Mod and Plus share multiple features such as the Active Auto Mute feature and covers that are interchangeable and customizable. However, they also differ in various ways which are important to understand to make an informed choice.

Audience size and maximum wireless range

Catchbox Plus is ideal for larger audiences of up to 1000 people, and it has a maximum range of up to 100 m / 330 ft. The audience size and maximum range for Catchbox Mod depend on the third-party beltpack system you will use with it. The maximum range for Mod is up to 90 m / 300 ft, and the audience size can be up to 2000 people.

Additional accessories

The Catchbox Plus system comes with additional accessories that can be essential for various setups, particularly permanent ones, as they make the Catchbox more convenient to use. For example, the Wireless Charger can be used to charge Catchbox Plus transmitters, whereas wireless charging is not supported for Catchbox Mod.

Another accessory that comes in handy for speakers and other presenters is the Clip Mic. It’s only compatible with Catchbox Plus and can be paired to the same Catchbox Hub as the Plus Cube. You can pair up to 2 Presenter mics, or one Clip mic and one Cube mic with one Catchbox Hub.

Wall mounts can be used to attach the Catchbox Plus Hub to different surfaces – to a wall or ceiling with screws, behind a TV with adhesive tape, or on the tripod with a ⅜ inch screw. It also works as a cable manager.

Two mic connectivity

You can pair two mics with one Catchbox Plus Hub. It can be either two Cube mics, two Clip mics, or one of each. Both microphones can be used simultaneously after pairing.

Use cases

The Catchbox Plus system is perfect for everything from small meetings to big installations, making it ideal for hybrid meetings, face-to-face meetings, as well as bigger events. When you receive your Catchbox system, it's ready-to-go right out of the box – just connect it with your computer or speakers and it's ready to go.

Catchbox Mod is a great solution if you already have a third-party transmitter. Catchbox Mod essentially converts your beltpack transmitter into a throwable microphone. 

Multiple systems in one room

Due to the different frequencies used by each model, the number of units that can be used in one room varies.

  • Plus system: up to 6 Cubes or Clips in the US or up to 10 Cubes or Clips EU/globally
  • Mod: as many Modules as the 3rd party beltpack system manufacturer allows.

Check the full product specifications for Catchbox Plus / Mod for more info.