What is the Catchbox warranty policy?


Catchbox products have a 2-year limited warranty, applied and in effect when the product is delivered to you.

The warranty covers all electronic parts and any manufacturing errors. It excludes the natural wear of the Catchbox cover and the external soft parts and doesn't apply when the product has been repaired outside the Catchbox warranty service.

For more details, see our full Catchbox Warranty Statement.


To ensure our Customer Support team can find a solution for you ASAP, please share with us the following details:

  • Order number (usually in a format of EUxxxxx or USxxxxx)
  • Product used - Plus system / Mod / accessories
  • Short description of the problem - what happened, when was it observed?
  • Setup - what the Catchbox mic is connected to
  • Photos and audio/video recordings that clearly show the problem

What if something happens after the warranty? If something happens to your Catchbox product after the warranty, please report a problem or chat with us on the live chat - we'll help figure out the best solution for you! If the problem happened due to incorrect use of the product, any repair or replacement actions will be at your expense. 
Please keep in mind that the warranty rules don't apply if any product repairs performed independently are discovered during the troubleshooting or in-house inspection process.