What is the Catchbox Plus system?


Catchbox Plus is a powerful wireless microphone system that offers high-quality whole-room audio capture.

Two unique microphonesClip lavalier and Cube throwable mic – will pick up the sound from everyone – presenters and audiences alike. The audio system is designed to be both intuitive and engaging to use, while also effortless to manage and maintain.

Suitable for everything from simple hybrid meetings to large and complex multi-room installations, Catchbox Plus is commonly used in conferences, lecture halls, corporate meeting rooms, and other spaces. 

The Catchbox Plus system includes Cube throwable and Clip lavalier transmitters, Hub receiver, charging dock for Clip and charging base for Cube, dock bracket and a Mounting Kit for Hub receiver. 

  • Cube is a wireless, omni-directional, throwable, wirelessly chargeable, microphone with a soft, antibacterial, and customizable cover.
  • Clip is an omni-directional lavalier microphone with a customizable fabric jacket and leave-the-room functionality.
  • Hub is the receiver – it supports 2 wireless microphone channels and combines a receiver with an audio mixer. It has audio processing for an improved hybrid experience, stealth mode, and a Kensington lock for security.
  • Charging Base is the charging pad for the Cube. Simply place the Cube on it, and it will charge the battery wirelessly. 
  • Charging dock is the charger for the Clip presenter mic. 
  • Mounting Kit allows you to attach the Hub to different surfaces – on the wall or ceiling with screws, behind the TV with adhesive tape, on the tripod with a ⅜ inch screw. It also works as a cable manager.
  • Dock brackets are an elevated mount for the Dock that allows you to attach the Dock and Clip to vertical and horizontal surfaces. 

Pick and choose what to include in your Catchbox Plus system according to your needs.

A Catchbox Plus system is displayed, featuring several components. At the center is a large red Cube audience mic with the "Catchbox" logo. Surrounding it are a Cube wireless charger, a Clip presenter mic with a pink jacket, a Clip mic charging dock and a Hub receiver.