What is a beltpack transmitter?

A beltpack is a wireless radio microphone transmitter that usually has a lavalier mic connected to it. It is typically used by strapping it to a person's waist or another body part. 

Catchbox Mod requires a 3rd party beltpack transmitter to be used in place of the stock lavalier mic. The beltpack transmitter should fit easily into the Mod transmitter cavity, and the adapter cable compatibility should be checked, too.

Please see the Catchbox Mod Transmitter Compatibility List for more details on the compatible beltpack models!

To use Catchbox Mod with your beltpack transmitter:

  1. Disconnect the stock lavalier mic from the transmitter pack;
  2. Connect it to the Catchbox Mod RCA input with one of the adapter cables provided in the Catchbox Mod set;
  3. Insert the connected transmitter inside the Mod transmitter cavity;
  4. Secure the beltpack with the velcro strap and the styrofoam wedge.