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Troubleshooting Wireless charger issues

Catchbox Plus and Catchbox Lite can be charged on the Wireless Charger. Simply place the Catchbox ( with the Cover) on the Wireless Charger and leave it on until the next use!


Here you will find some common issues that are easy to troubleshoot and fix:

Problem Possible cause and solution
Wireless Charger status LEDs don’t light up

1. Wireless Charger is not powered. 
Solution: Attach the power cable to the Wireless Charger.

2.The battery level of the Transmitter battery is critically low. 
Solution: Charge the Transmitter with the AC Power adapter.

Wireless Charger all status LEDs are blinking

1. There is a foreign object between the Transmitter and the Wireless Charger. 
Solution: Remove the foreign object and place Catchbox at the center of the Wireless Charger.

2.Catchbox Transmitter is placed on the Wireless Charger without a Cover. 
Solution: Place the Transmitter in the Cover and place Catchbox on the Wireless Charger.

3.Transmitter has been heating up. 
Solution: Remove the Transmitter from the Cover and let the transmitter cool down. Check the ambient temperature in the room (it shouldn't be above 30 degrees Celsius).

4. AC Power adapter does not provide enough power. 
Solution: Use the included AC power adapter. Order a new AC power adapter from our online store if it's broken.

If the Transmitter battery level is critically low

If the Transmitter battery level is critically low, the Wireless Charger might not charge it and will show a LED error sequence. In this case, charge the Transmitter via the AC Power adapter or via the USB cable provided in the package. 

After some charging time, try placing your Catchbox on the Wireless Charger again and it should charge your Transmitter normally.

If the Wireless Charger still doesn’t charge the Transmitter or the Transmitter doesn’t charge via the AC power adapter or USB cable as well, please fill the Report a Problem contact form. We’ll help you inspect this issue and get to a solution as soon as possible!