There's no sound with Catchbox Plus setup


If there's no sound coming from your audio setup after connecting everything, here are the first things to check when troubleshooting:

These are the first things to check when troubleshooting:

  • Are the mics and the Hub receiver turned on? The status LED indicator lights should be green on both the Hub and all the mics.
  • Are the mics paired with the Hub receiver? If not, pair the all of the mics first
  • Adjust the gain and volume levels. Start by adjusting the gain level for the mic input. Then adjust the volume, starting from the Cube/Clip mic and moving towards the audio mixer or speaker.
  • Check computer audio input/output settings. After connecting your Hub receiver to a computer, check the audio settings to ensure the Catchbox microphone is selected as the audio input. Also, make sure the audio output is selected as needed.

Other possible solutions

If you’ve followed the above troubleshooting steps and there's still no sound, consider these possibilities:

  • Balanced vs. Unbalanced Inputs. When connecting Catchbox Plus to an audio mixer or a speaker, ensure you’re aware of whether the audio inputs of your equipment are balanced or unbalanced.
  • Microphone Issues. If there is no sound when speaking into the Cube or Clip mic but there’s a slight noise when tapping on the microphone, this might indicate an issue with the accelerometer. Please let us know if you’re experiencing this by filling the Report a problem form - we’ll help! 
    Don't forget to attach a short audio/video recording, so we could resolve this for you as soon as possible.

If everything is checked and set up correctly and yet there’s still no sound, please reach out to us by filling the Report a Problem contact form. We’ll get back to you ASAP!