Radio Range


Radio Frequency enables the transmission of audio signals without the need for cables. Catchbox microphones utilize DECT radio frequency, which operates within the 1.8-1.9 GHz frequency band.

While DECT is known for its reliability and power, it's important to understand its limitations, particularly regarding radio range.

We guarantee a radio range of up to 100m (330ft) for our microphones in ideal conditions, with a clear line of sight between the Cube or Clip microphones and the Hub receiver. However, this range may vary in different environments, such as buildings with concrete, brick, or glass walls, or when placed within racks. Glass is the least obstructive, followed by concrete, while metal poses the most significant challenge for wireless signal transmission. Radio range is dependent on selected Radio Frequency (RF) power that is adjustable in the Hub receiver settings. 

To maximize the performance of your Catchbox Plus wireless microphone system, consider the following tips:

  • Ensure there are no obstacles or walls between the transmitter and receiver.
  • Decrease the distance between the transmitter and receiver for improved signal strength.
  • Avoid placing the receiver in closed areas, especially metallic enclosures, as they can interfere with signal transmission.
  • Keep the transmitter and receiver within the same room to maintain optimal communication
  • Increasing RF power can extend the range and improve the system's ability to transmit signals effectively, especially helpful in large venues or environments with obstacles. However, avoid keeping Radio frequency power at maximum level constantly, as that can lead to increased power consumption, potential interference with other devices, and reduced battery life of the microphones

Despite its limitations, DECT technology remains a reliable and powerful solution. A 100m (330ft) range is more than enough for even the largest auditoriums and event spaces. By understanding and optimizing radio range factors, you can improve your audio experience, enjoying seamless communication in various professional settings.