Is Mod compatible with Sennheiser DW Speechline system?


Sennheiser DW Speechline system is currently not compatible with the Catchbox Mod microphone system.

There are two reasons for that:

  • the Automatic gain level management (also called auto-gain)
  • RF interference sensitivity
However, there's a workaround that comes along with the latest Sennheiser DW Speechline firmware update. Before diving into the specifics, let's go through the limitations of using this beltpack system with Catchbox Mod.

Auto-gain and RF interference

Speechline system has a built-in Automatic gain level management feature which fully automatically adjusts the gain levels and sensitivity. Mod microphone capsule has our patented Automute technology. Automute switches off the mic when the Mod is caught, thrown or dropped to eliminate unwanted noise. When Mod is in movement and muted and then resumes when caught, this triggers the automatic gain level management feature in the Speechline beltpack system. As a result, noise or audio feedback can occur. 

Additionally, when used with this particular beltpack, Mod capsules are susceptible to RF interference. This also can cause unwanted noise.

How to use this beltpack with Catchbox Mod

In order to use this beltpack system with Catchbox Mod:

Update the Speechline beltpack system firmware to version 2.6.2 (or higher) - First, you will need to update the firmware on your Sennheiser DW receiver, after which an update for the beltpack transmitter will be requested. Head to the Firmware Updates section on the Speechline website to find more details on updating the firmware.

Switch off auto-gain - the firmware update 2.6.2 version allows switching off the Auto-gain feature.

Change RF power settings - we recommend setting the RF power on the beltpack receiver to 3. Higher RF power might result in unwanted noise.

For more details on any of these steps, please check in with the Sennheiser support team.

Audience size limitation

While the firmware update 2.6.2 (or higher) allows you to use your Speechline beltpack with Mod, lowering the RF power settings reduces the working range. This also means a smaller audience size where you can conveniently use this setup. Using the product at events with a larger audience might require turning up the RF power settings - which can cause issues with noise. 

For larger events, we recommend choosing a different beltpack system. Check the related article to see which popular beltpack systems are compatible with Mod!