How to set up Catchbox Mod

Watch the video below to see how to set up Catchbox Mod. Below you’ll also find the written, step-by-step instructions for this setup process.

1. Set up your 3rd party beltpack and receiver pair  - sync the two units and connect the receiver to your sound system. For specific instructions, see the relevant user manual provided by the manufacturer of your beltpack and audio system.

2. Connect your beltpack transmitter to the Mod capsule by using an adapter cable.

Choose an adapter cable based on the brand and model of your 3rd party transmitter. The adapter cable set that goes along with a Mod capsule contains a Shure, Sennheiser, and AKG adapter cable. See our Catchbox Mod Transmitter Compatibility List for more precise details.

3. Remove the Mod capsule from the cover by twisting the cylinder 90 degrees (therefore releasing the magnet lock) and pulling upwards.

4. Open the capsule velcro strap surrounding the device by pulling it gently along the surface of the module.

5. Install one AA battery into the back part of the Catchbox Mod capsule.

6. Connect the beltpack transmitter to the Mod capsule  by plugging the RCA male end of the adapter cable into the RCA female connector located inside the front cavity of the Mod capsule.

7. Place the transmitter inside the Mod capsule - make sure no antennas or cables are protruding outwards.

8. Switch on both the Mod capsule and the beltpack transmitter.

9. Secure the velcro strap tightly around the Mod capsule, ensuring that both the battery, as well as the frontal cavity are covered by a velcro strap.

10. Place the transmitter into the cover - make sure to secure the magnetic lock between both parts! Do this by aligning both black triangle marks on the cover and transmitter. You should hear a slight click when the magnets lock.

11. Adjust the volume level - test it first by speaking into the microphone and adjust it using the volume knob on the receiver and/or transmitter.