How to set up Catchbox Mod


Watch the video below or follow the steps to set up your Catchbox Mod:


1. Set up your third-party beltpack system:

    • Sync the beltpack transmitter and receiver.
    • Connect the receiver to your sound system.

For specific instructions, check the user manuals from the manufacturers of your beltpack and audio system.

2. Connect the beltpack transmitter to the Mod capsule:

3. Insert the Catchbox Mod capsule

  • If your Catchbox Mod capsule is in the cover, take it out by twisting it (to release the magnetic lock) and then pulling it upwards.
  • Unstrap the capsule velcro strap. 
  • Install one AA battery into the back part of the capsule.

4. Connect the beltpack transmitter to the Mod capsule: 

  • plug the RCA male end of the adapter cable into the RCA female connector located inside the front cavity of the Mod capsule.

5. Place the beltpack transmitter inside the Mod capsule:

  • make sure no antennas or cables are sticking out. 

6. Switch on both devices the Mod capsule and the beltpack transmitter:

  • The on/off switch for Catchbox Mod is located at the bottom left side of the battery compartment.

7. Secure the velcro strap:

  • It should go tightly around the capsule, ensuring that both the battery, and the frontal cavity are covered. 

8. Place the Mod capsule back into the soft cover.

9. Adjust the volume level:

  • Test it first by speaking into the microphone.
  • Adjust the volume using the volume knob on the receiver and transmitter as needed.