How to prevent Audio dropouts?


Audio dropouts are irregular interruptions or lack of audio signal.

Common causes for a weak and unreliable signal are:

  • The Hub receiver and the transmitter are located too far away from each other
  • The signal is being absorbed by objects between the Hub receiver and the transmitters
  • Other devices are operating on the same frequency

Troubleshooting & solution

1. Ensure the correct working range - check if the Hub receiver and transmitter are within the recommended range (line of sight). For Catchbox Plus system the range is 100 m / 330ft. 

2. Adjust the Hub receiver and transmitter placement - try to ensure as little obstacles between them as possible to avoid signal absorption

3. Check for other devices that use the same frequency band and try to reduce the number of such devices around (if possible). Catchbox Plus system uses the DECT frequency, which operates on 1.8 -1.9 GHz. 

Still experiencing audio dropouts? Reach out to our Customer Support team on live chat or by filling the Report a Problem contact form, and we’ll get back to you ASAP!