How to pair & unpair Legacy Catchbox Plus transmitter and receiver


Important: This is a discontinued product. On August 10th, 2022, we launched the next Catchbox Plus generation, which is not compatible with the Legacy Catchbox Plus.

After connecting your Legacy Catchbox Plus receiver to the power source or your computer, you need to pair the transmitter and receiver in order to start using Catchbox. 

How to pair the transmitter and receiver

To reduce the setup time, your Legacy Catchbox Plus transmitter and receiver is already paired. If you need to re-pair, follow this step by step process:

  1. Ensure correct distance - the transmitter and receiver should be located within 3 m / 10 ft distance from each other.
  2. Enable pairing mode on the transmitter - simultaneously press and hold the volume <<+>> and <<->> buttons

If using Legacy Catchbox Plus, do this for each transmitter and/or Clip Mic.
The LEDs on the transmitter or Clip Mic will display a sequence indicating that it is in pairing mode and looking for a receiver.

  1. Enable pairing mode on the receiver - press the Pairing button at the back of the receiver.
  2. Wait for the connection - once the devices are paired the LEDs on both devices will light up steadily and the audio signal will be passed from the transmitter to the receiver.

How to unpair the transmitter and receiver

  1. Unpair the receiver - press and hold the Pairing button on the receiver until mic status LEDs start blinking.
  2. Wait for the pairing information to be cleared from all devices. Both mic status LEDs on the receiver will turn off and all transmitters will be disconnected from the receiver.

Having trouble with pairing your transmitter and receiver? Let us know at which step you’re experiencing the issue - reach out to us on live chat on our website or at We’ll be happy to help!