How to pair a Catchbox Plus transmitter with the Hub?

The Catchbox Plus Hub can be paired with up to two Transmitters simultaneously. To reduce the setup time, each Transmitter and Hub unit have been paired in the factory before shipping. In case you need to pair a Transmitter with the Hub manually, please follow these steps:

  • Place the transmitter and hub within 3 m / 10 ft distance from each other,
  • Go to channel settings,
  • Choose the relevant channel (Cube/Clip/Your name),
  • Select pairing,
  • Activate  paring by pressing “Start”, 
  • Press the pairing button on the device you want to pair with the hub (Cube/ Clip),
  • Wait until you see that the devices are paired (LED lights are green on both devices).

To add another transmitter, just repeat the same steps.