How to mute & unmute your Catchbox microphone

Catchbox Plus System

Cube transmitter

You can mute it on the hub. Go to channel settings, choose Cube channel, and press mute. When you want to unmute go to the same place and unmute the Cube channel. 

Clip mic

There are two options how to mute your Clip mic:

  • Press the mute button on the Clip.
  • Mute Clip channel on the hub. Go to channel settings, choose Clip, and press mute. 

When you want to unmute Clip do it on the Clipdevice or go to the channel settings and unmute the Clip channel.

To activate Mute for any input or output channel select the desired channel and press the Confirm button. To deactivate Mute on the selected channel, press Confirm once more. See the picture below.

Catchbox Mod

Adjust the volume levels or mute/unmute the microphone on the 3rd party beltpack transmitter and/or audio mixer that the Catchbox Mod is connected to.
Check the 3rd party beltpack transmitter or audio mixer manufacturer support resources for more information.