How to mute and unmute Cube and Clip mics


Catchbox mics are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. They automatically unmute when picked up from their charging base (for the Cube) or charging dock (for the Clip) and mute automatically when placed back on the chargers. This feature helps maintain a seamless pick-up-and-talk experience.

However, there may be times when you need to manually control the mute function. Learn how the mute and unmute feature works on both the Clip presenter and Cube audience mics. 

Clip mic

Cube mic

Clip mic

There are two ways to mute the Clip mic:

  1. Press the mute button on the Clip. If the symbol is red, the Clip is muted. If the symbol is white, the mic is unmuted and your speech will be heard. When on the charging dock, the symbol will always be red as it is automatically muted while charging. 

    Close-up of a Clip presenter microphone with a textured grip. The microphone features a prominent red Mute button with a crossed-out microphone icon, indicating the mute function. An adjacent graphic symbol of a speaker with an "X" next to it further signifies the mute status.

  2. Mute the Clip mic channel on the Hub receiver. Go to channel settings, choose Clip, and press mute. To unmute, either press the mute button on the Clip or go to the channel settings and unmute the Clip channel.

    A diagram illustrating the front panel of a Hub receiver, with labeled features:  Audio level for a specific channel. Selected output. Selected output volume, press Confirm to Mute. Mute Icon (highlighted with a green box and arrow). Audio level display. The Hub receiver also features navigation buttons on the right side. 

Cube mic

Remember that the Cube is automatically muted while in the air and being thrown from person to person. 

Unlike the Clip, the Cube mic can only be muted on the Hub receiver. Go to channel settings, choose Cube, and press mute. To unmute, follow the same steps.