How to avoid audio clipping?



Audio clipping happens when the audio is too loud or otherwise too much for the audio equipment to reproduce accurately.

The amplifier is overdriven and attempts to deliver an output voltage or current beyond its maximum capability. When this happens, the amplifier will amplify the signal only up to its maximum capacity. 

When audio clipping happens while someone speaks into a microphone, the audio sounds distorted or harsh. The gain indicator light on your audio mixer will also be red when clipping is audible.

Fix audio clipping with these adjustments:

  • Lower the gain. Adjust the gain to a point where no distorted noises occur when using the mic
  • Adjust the volume: If lowering the gain doesn't help, reduce the volume on your devices in the following sequence:
    • Cube or Clip mic
    • Hub receiver
    • Audio mixer
    • Amplifier and speakers

By following these steps, you can prevent audio clipping and ensure clear, undistorted sound.