How to avoid audio clipping

What is audio clipping?

Audio clipping happens when an amplifier is overdriven and attempts to deliver an output voltage or current beyond its maximum capability. When this happens, the amplifier will amplify the signal only up to its maximum capacity. 

When someone speaks into a microphone and audio clipping happens, you’ll hear sound distortion. 

How to fix audio clipping issue

Fixing audio clipping issues is usually easy - it requires some adjustments to gain and volume levels on your audio setup.

  • Check the gain indicator - if the gain indicator on your audio mixer lights up red when the mic is used, audio clipping is audible
  • Adjust gain - lower the gain to a point where no distorted noises happen when using the mic
  • Adjust the volume on the mixer board and other audio devices connected to it.

Remember to start adjusting gain and volume starting from the microphone and further on the setup, amplifier settings being the last. 

For example: Plus transmitter > Plus receiver > Audio mixer > Amplifier and speakers