How many mics can be used in one room simultaneously?


Follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth experience when using multiple Catchbox microphones in one room.

Maximum units per room

The technology and frequency band used Catchbox Plus microphones determine how many systems can be used in one room.

Stay within the recommended maximum number of units per room:

  • US: up to 6 Cube or Clip mics
  • EU/globally: up to 10 Cube or Clip mics

Best practices for using multiple devices

Follow these tips to correctly place multiple Catchbox units in one room:

    • Keep at least 50 cm / 20 in distance between your Catchbox Hub receivers to avoid interference.
    • Place the Hub receiver in the middle of the room (if possible). Ideally, consider mounting it on the ceiling using our Hub mounting kit, configuring it as an access point. 
    • Remove obstacles between the transmitter and receiver.
    • All Cube audience and Clip presenter mics connected to the Plus system can be used and spoken into simultaneously.


    Avoid the following:

    • Stacking the Hub receivers on top of each other.
    • Placing the receiver under metal surfaces or near or inside metal objects (shelves or racks).