How does the charging base for the Cube mic work?


The Cube throwable mic, which is a part of the Catchbox Plus system, can be charged on the charging base. Simply place your Cube mic on the charging base (with the cover) whenever you’re not actively using it. 

Make sure that the Cube is placed on the charging base fully and ensure there are no foreign objects between Cube and the charger. Cube left on the charger improperly can result in battery drainage rather than charging. 

Check the Charger indicator lights:

  • If all of the lights are on, the mic is fully charged
  • If one of the lights is blinking, the mic is not yet fully charged, and is currently charging
  • If the lights are blinking rapidly in a chaotic sequence, the Cube is not charging and there may be an issue

A full charge takes 6 hours and the battery life on a full charge is 22 h. 

When the Cube is left without a charger, the sequence is as follows:

  • After 2 hrs of inactivity, the Cube automatically enters Low Power mode.

  • After an additional 2 hrs of inactivity, it goes into Shutdown mode. 

  • During inactivity, power consumption is minimal.

  • To wake it from Shutdown mode, place the Cube on the charging base or press the on/off button located on the bottom of the capsule.