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How do I record audio?


Catchbox Plus system microphones don’t have their own independent recording capabilities. 

However, you can connect the Hub receiver to your computer or an audio recorder to capture the audio from Clip presenter and Cube audience mic. The Catchbox Plus setup is often used in live-streamed lectures and online university events to record courses.

  • When using a setup with a computer: connect the Catchbox Plus Hub to your computer. You can use any audio recording software of your choice. 
    Make sure to select the Catchbox microphone as the input source. 
  • In a setup with an audio recorder: make sure that the recorder can be connected with the Hub receiver. 
    Hub receiver has these audio outputs:  
    • XLR Mic 1 and Mic 2 balanced 
    • RCA mixed unbalanced 
    • USB-C 

If you need help confirming if you can connect your audio recording devices to Catchbox Plus, contact us via live chat or info@catchbox.com.