Can I receive my order sooner?

All orders are already shipped out with an expedited shipping option. Order lead time is 7 business days for orders shipped to US/AUS/NZ/CAN and 5 business days for orders shipped to the EU/rest of the world. One way to shorten the order lead time is by paying with a credit card. All orders head to production right after the order is confirmed and paid. Card transactions are processed quickly - and your order will head into production after submitting and paying for the order.

The estimated ETA of your order is visible on the ordering process when you’re customizing your product - right by the Add to Cart button.

Having an event sooner than the order ETA visible for your order? please reach out to our Customer Support via live chat on our website or at - we’ll check if it’s possible to ship it sooner! Please keep in mind that orders with custom Catchbox covers take a longer time in production. Standard color covers are already in stock, so we can ship them out sooner.