Can I place my logo outside the fixed centered placement?

You can place your logo or image on all four sides of the Catchbox Cover. To ensure great print quality and consistency, the logo placement is fixed and you can adjust only the size of the logo when customizing your Catchbox Cover.

If you want a different image placement on the Cover sides (e.g. place it on the corner of the side print area), edit your image file and place the graphics just as are needed. After that, upload the image file when customizing your Catchbox.

If you have an idea for a fully customized Catchbox Cover design, please get in touch with us at and tell us more about the design idea! We’ll see if we could help make this design. If the design requires a more complex graphic editing than we can ensure, you might need to get in touch with a graphic designer who could create the necessary graphics.

Please keep in mind that due to the construction of the Cover, it’s not possible to ensure matching lines or other graphic elements near the seams.