Audio clipping with Shure beltpack and Shure adapter cable

Catchbox Mod requires using your own beltpack transmitter with it. Connect your beltpack transmitter to the Mod microphone capsule (using an adapter cable) and insert it inside the Catchbox Mod transmitter cavity.
The Shure adapter cable can be used with multiple Shure beltpack transmitters - please check our Product Compatibility List for the most popular compatible beltpack transmitters. This adapter cable is included in the standard Catchbox Mod adapter cable set - or you can order it separately on the Accessories section on our online store. 

Just like with any two different brand microphones, you might need to adjust some audio settings when using your Shure beltpack with Catchbox Mod. Catchbox Mod microphone is a bit more sensitive than other mics. Therefore different adjustments might be required to achieve great audio without noises or clipping. 

Fixing audio clipping issue with your Shure beltpack

If you're getting a signal that's too hot and you're experiencing audio clipping or distorted audio, there are some adjustments you can try to achieve great audio quality:

  • Adjust gain - try adjusting (lowering) the gain level both on your beltpack system and your audio mixer.
  • Adjust audio levels on your audio mixer - if just lowering the gain still doesn't resolve it, try adjusting the audio levels on your mixer board by turning them higher. 

For more precise details on how to adjust the gain and/or other audio settings, please check the Shure technical support resources or reach out to their Customer Support team for more precise help with the settings adjustments!