How to update Catchbox Plus firmware?

On 18/01/2023 we released the V1.6 firmware update for Catchbox Plus and Catchbox Plus Pro systems.

By updating the firmware, you will fix bugs with connection issues and have the opportunity to explore new features added to the device.

1. Stability improvements:
- A few users experienced connection issues that needed system restart to fix. This issue has been solved in V1.6.
2. Additional features:
- USB device mode setting (speakerphone/microphone)*.
- Selectable audio source for RCA and USB-out**.

You have to install " Catchbox updater" software on your Windows computer and then update each system part - Cube, Clip, and Hub.

You will find full instructions and necessary files  here.

* USB device mode setting will be useful in hybrid meetings. It gives the option to choose if you want to use Catchbox just as a microphone so that people at the far end can hear what is happening in the room. Another option is to use it both as a microphone and as a speaker, which will be useful for bigger meetings or conferences when it is important to amplify sound in the room.

** Selectable audio source for RCA and USB-out gives wider options to configure how and where to send audio signals.

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