How can I customize the logo on the Clip jacket?

You can order your Clip with the standard Catchbox logo – or add your own custom branding for an extra 50 EUR / USD. For the background color, there are 4 standard Catchbox options – melange blue, melange salmon, melange light gray, and melange dark gray. If none of these work for you, you can choose a custom color for 50 EUR / USD.

Please note that all submitted orders go straight to production as soon as payment is received. The logo will be printed exactly as you submitted it so always make sure your custom logo is print-ready to avoid unwelcome surprises. During the Catchbox customization process, you'll be able to see a live preview of what your custom design will look like.
Logo file formatting requirements
To ensure you're happy with the result, please follow these requirements for formatting your custom Clip logo:
  • PNG or JPG file format (PNG with a transparent background is recommended).
  • The file should be up to 50 MB in size.
  • File size must be at least 700 x 700 px (maximum resolution - 23000 x 23000 px).
  • Colors should be in RGB or HEX color models.
  • Good quality image (we print it as it is submitted).
  • The image should be centered within the logo file.

Keep in mind that the Clip jacket is small, so we suggest avoiding the use of logos with small details, such as text, numbers, or overly intricate designs. 

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