How to mute & unmute your Catchbox microphone

In this article, you'll find out how to mute & unmute various Catchbox products.

Catchbox Mod

Adjust the volume levels or mute/unmute the microphone on the 3rd party beltpack transmitter and/or audio mixer that the Catchbox Mod is connected to.
Check the 3rd party beltpack transmitter or audio mixer manufacturer support resources for more information.

Catchbox Lite and Plus

Turn the volume down completely by clicking the “-” volume button on the Plus receiver.
A red light on the Plus receiver volume LEDs indicates the receiver is on mute.

If you’ve connected Catchbox Lite or Catchbox Plus to a computer to use for video conferencing, you can mute or unmute the Catchbox mic in the software's audio settings (or computer audio settings).

Catchbox Plus Presenter Mic

Fast click the power button on the side of the device to mute and unmute the device.
When the Presenter Mic is muted, the LED indicators will be green and blinking like this:

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