My Catchbox doesn't turn on

In this article, you’ll find more info on how to turn on each Catchbox model part and common troubleshooting steps if Catchbox isn’t turning on. 

Catchbox Plus/Lite Transmitter doesn’t turn on

Press and hold the power button on the front panel of the Transmitter to turn on your Catchbox Plus or Catchbox Lite Transmitter.

  • If the LED indicator is blinking rapidly, the Transmitter battery level is critically low. Charge the Transmitter with the AC Power adapter.
  • If the LED indicator is blinking slowly, it indicates that the Receiver is turned off. Turn on the Receiver and proceed with pairing the Transmitter and Receiver.

If you’re using the Wireless charger, place the Catchbox on the Wireless charger to avoid critically low battery level for the Transmitter.

Catchbox Plus/Lite Receiver doesn’t turn on

Connect the Receiver to the audio mixer or computer accordingly to Quick Start Guide instructions for Catchbox Plus and Catchbox Lite.

LED on the front panel will light up indicating the device is on. 

If the LED doesn’t light up, check if all cables are connected securely.

If the Receiver still doesn’t turn on, please contact our Customer Support team by filling the Report a Problem contact form.

Catchbox Mod microphone capsule doesn’t turn on

Turn on the Catchbox Mod using the power switch located at the back of the device. The LED status should turn green. 

If it doesn’t turn green, try replacing the batteries with new ones and switch the capsule on again.

Third-party beltpack transmitter doesn’t turn on

When using Catchbox Mod, check the third-party beltpack transmitter manufacturer’s setup instructions for turning on the beltpack system.

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