Do you offer any discounts or special pricing?

We have special Educational pricing for full product sets (any Catchbox model with a cover and other accessories included in the standard package). The discounted amount ranges from 8-15% depending on the product.

Who is eligible for the Educational pricing? 

Accredited education institutions (e.g. schools or universities). Unfortunately, nonprofit or charity organizations and foundations aren’t eligible for EDU pricing or other discounts at the moment.

How to get the special pricing? 

Click on the Menu icon on the top right corner:

Click on  Education store:

Select and customize all your products as necessary and proceed further to Checkout.

Fill all fields on the  Educational institution details section and complete the checkout process.

After confirming the order with the EDU pricing, we might get in touch with you via email to confirm the EDU details provided.
If you want to edit the details you just entered in the EDU section, click on the “Reset” button to clear all the fields. 

Organizing an event? If you’re organizing an event, you can talk to your partners about sponsoring the event by offering them advertising space on the Catchbox cover! You can then order a Catchbox with a custom design cover with the logo and/or color of your sponsor. This can help cover the costs of the Catchbox! 

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