What is the difference between Catchbox Lite, Plus and Mod?

Catchbox Mod, Lite, and Plus share multiple features - such as the Active Auto Mute feature and covers that are interchangeable and customizable.  However, there are also various factors that make all three models different. 

Audience size and maximum wireless range 

Catchbox Lite will serve well for audience size up to 100 people, and it has a maximum range of 30 m / 100 ft (line of sight). For larger audiences (up to 1000 people), you can choose Catchbox Plus which has a range of up to 100 m / 330 ft. The audience size and maximum range for Catchbox Mod depend on the third-party beltpack system you will use with it. The maximum range for Mod is up to 90 m / 300 ft, and audience size can be up to 2000 people.

Additional accessories

Wireless Charger can be used to charge Catchbox Plus and Lite transmitters. Wireless charging is not supported for Catchbox Mod.

Another accessory that comes in handy for speakers and other presenters is the Presenter Mic! It’s compatible with Catchbox Plus only and can be paired to the same Catchbox Plus receiver. You can pair up to 2 Presenter Mics, or one Presenter Mic and one Audience Mic with one Catchbox Plus receiver.

Two mic connectivity

You can pair two mics with one Catchbox Plus receiver. It can be either two Audience Mics, two Presenter Mics, or one of each. Both microphones can be used simultaneously after pairing.

For Catchbox Lite, only one transmitter can be paired with the Lite receiver.

Audio output

Each Catchbox model has different audio outputs. Please check the User Manuals for Catchbox Lite, Plus, or Mod for detailed information.

Multiple systems in one room

Due to the different frequencies used by each model, there are different numbers of how many units can be used in one room. 

 up to 4 systems in one room
 up to 4 Plus Audience or Presenter Mics in the US or up to 8 Plus Audience or Presenter Mics in EU/globally
 depends on the beltpack transmitter used.

Check the full Product Specification for Catchbox Plus / Lite / Mod for more info!

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