What are the main features of Catchbox Lite?

Catchbox Lite is a complete wireless microphone system that works globally without a license and plugs into virtually any audio system You can use it with other wireless mics and it does not require active audio management. Simply turn on, throw and get people talking! 

Here are the main Catchbox Lite features:

  • Frequency band - 2.4 GHz ISM band
  • Audience size - up to 100 people
  • Maximum wireless range - 30 m / 100 ft
  • Wireless charger - you can charge your Catchbox Lite wirelessly
  • Active Automute - a patent-pending technology that senses the motion of the Catchbox and temporarily switches off the audio when the device is thrown, caught, or dropped.

See the full Catchbox Lite Product Specification for more details!

If there are many other devices operating in the 2.4 GHz spectrum in the same space (WiFi and Bluetooth enabled devices, such as smartphones and laptops), dropouts may occur due to the frequency band being overcrowded. To avoid this, do not use the product in audiences with over 100 people, like large conferences or exhibitions.

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