What is Catchbox?

Catchbox is an engagement microphone that can be moved around collaboratively by throwing or passing it. It has a soft outer cover, making it safe and easy to throw and catch it.

With Catchbox, getting audiences to participate becomes as easy as throwing a ball! Because this is faster and easier than passing a handheld microphone, questions, comments, and discussion become more spontaneous and can occur throughout a presentation or lecture, not just at the end.

The main product features include:

  • Active Automute - Automute senses the motion of the Catchbox and temporarily switches off the audio when the device is thrown, caught or dropped.
  • Light & soft - Catchbox is made from a combination of durable light foams and technical fabrics, making it extremely light for its size as well as durable. All the hard electronic components are hidden inside, ensuring that dropping and throwing the device won’t damage the device or the person catching.
  • Magnetic locking - A patent-pending magnetic mechanism ensures the microphone and electronics lock securely into the soft outer cover and won't come out during use. Only with a twist and pull motion can the lock be opened, allowing access to the electronics and batteries inside.
  • Customizable & brandable design - since the soft Catchbox covers are interchangeable, you can create your own design for your Catchbox! You can upload your design and choose your own custom color or any of our standard 5 colors.

Find out more about Catchbox on Youtube - check out our videos about Catchbox products!

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