How many Catchboxes can I use in one room simultaneously?

The number of Catchbox systems that can be used in one room is different due to the technologies and frequency bands used in each Catchbox model. To ensure a smooth experience with your product, make sure to use the recommended amount of units per room:

 up to 2 Lite transmitters in one room
 up to 4 Plus Audience or Presenter Mics in the US or up to 8 Plus Audience or Presenter Mics in EU/globally
 as many Modules as the 3rd party beltpack system manufacturer recommends.

Best practices

Here are some of the best practices of using multiple Catchbox units in one room: 

- When using multiple Catchbox receivers, always place them apart from each other to make sure they won’t interfere with each other (the recommended distance is at least 50 cm / 20 in).

- Do not stack the receivers on top of each other.

- If possible, place the receiver in the middle of the room.

- Do not place the receiver near or inside metal objects (shelves or racks) or under metal surfaces.

- Remove obstacles between the transmitter and receiver.

- Both Plus transmitters can be used and spoken into simultaneously.

Connecting multiple receivers to a computer

You can connect Catchbox Lite and Catchbox Plus to your computer. You can connect up to two transmitters to the Catchbox Plus receiver - it can be two Plus transmitters, a transmitter and Presenter Mic, or two Presenter Mics. Both Plus transmitters can be used and spoken into simultaneously.

When it comes to connecting multiple Catchbox receivers to a computer, the majority of computer settings allow selecting only one audio input source. Therefore connecting two Catchbox receivers will require additional software to add 2 audio inputs.

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