How many Catchboxes do I need for my event?

To figure out how many Catchboxes - and which models specifically - will be needed for your event, there are two factors to consider:

1. Audience and event venue size

2. Maximum units in one room

Audience and event venue size

The number of units that you use will affect the dynamics of the conversation and help to engage your audience. With just one Catchbox you can get good results even in large venues, but you may consider having additional units if you have different stages, tracks or rooms. Having multiple Catchboxes will make it easier to pass them around in a larger venue.

Maximum units in one room

To ensure the best performance without potential signal interruptions, here is how many Catchbox transmitters can be used in the same space:

  • Catchbox Lite - up to 4 Lite transmitters in one room
  • Catchbox Plus - up to 4 Plus Audience or Presenter Mics in the US or up to 8 Plus Audience or Presenter Mics in EU/globally.
  • Catchbox Mod - as many Catchbox Mod transmitters as the beltpack transmitter manufacturer recommends.

Keep in mind that Catchbox Plus receiver has two mic connectivity - you can pair two Audience Mics, two Presenter Mics, or one of each with one Plus receiver!

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