What is the best audience size for using Catchbox?

Catchbox works great with both large and small audiences. In smaller audiences, Catchbox can be passed between participants as they take turns to speak. At larger events, Catchbox allows the whole audience to get involved because you can throw it from speaker to speaker!

To find out which Catchbox product is right for you and your event, it's important to keep in mind both the audience size and the frequency band for each Catchbox model.
Below is a breakdown of the Catchbox models and their recommended audience size:

 1 - 100 people - Catchbox Lite works best for smaller audiences as it uses WiFi (2.4GHz) frequencies. Therefore audiences above 100 people can pose a problem, especially if everyone's using the internet.
 1 - 1000 people - Catchbox Plus uses DECT frequencies, and it isn't affected by other devices in the room using WiFi. This makes it a great plug-and-play option for both small and large events!
 1 - 2000+ people - Catchbox Mod requires a third-party beltpack system. The maximum audience size and the frequency band depends on the capabilities of your third-party transmitter.

You can use the “Help me choose!” tool on the Products page to pick the right Catchbox for your audience!

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